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Damon Yao
Sales Manager - Damon Yao
Damon Yao
Sales Manager - Damon Yao
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For EV&PACK, High Voltage & High Current Battery Testing System

CE-7002-100V120A, based on Neware regenrative battery testing system, supplies high frequency and no-transformer power scheme. Compared with other models of CE-7000 (IGBT) series, it occupies much less space. CE-7002-100V120A supports some testings as follow: battery modules & packs, cells including lithium-ion battery, lead-acid battery, flow battery and supper capacitor.

Here are the highlights of CE-7002-100V120A

  • Discharge Voltage


  • 50%↓

    Area Covered

  • Accuracy


  • Response Time


  • Min. Pulse Width


  • Data Acquisition Frequency


  • CANBus

  • ≧90%

    Energy Conversion Efficiency

  • Simulation

  • 60%↓


Professional Software Support

  • Simulation Curves
  • Pulse Curves
Conditions Switches
Battery testing steps need to be estimated for several conditions according to different operations during testing applications;
Conditions switches meet requirements for multi-exits programming types.
And””or” logic operation, “≥”, ”≤”, ”=” comparatively calculate; Time duration ”t”, can achieve control requirements for special testing.
Every step supports 5 condition switches;
Support multi-exits, go to any steps, achieve more flexible process control.
Segment-Record Conditions
Data record settings for voltage, current and time are supported;
3 segment-record conditions can be set for each step;
Every segment can be set: ΔT, ΔV and ΔI.
the Mode of Networking

CANBUS is widely used in communication of automotive electronics.

Through the CANbus interface of the Can module, the middle machine obtains the real-time battery voltage and temperature from the BMS (battery management system) with the CANbus interface, so as to carry out real-time monitoring and achieve the purpose of protecting testing batteries or modules.

Digital circuit with DSP as the core.

Based on the peripheral resources and high-speed digital operation processing ability of DSP, it can meet the needs of data processing and system control. The analog and digital signals to be detected are sent to MCU, and most of the other tasks can be completed by software.
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