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BIS Manufacturing Enterprise Production Execution System

1. Summary


BATMES (Battery Manufacturing Execution System), the core software platform, services for battery production enterprises. It uses the most advanced information technology to help enterprises control all aspects of the production process, so that it can improve production efficiency, reduce production cost, and build an automatic intelligent digital production workshop.

The core working principle of BATMES is shown in the figure above: each production process obtains production factors from BATMES and reports the process result data to BATMES.

  • ① Centralized Process Management

    Through centralized process management, the consistency and safety of each process specs are ensured. The equipment accurately obtains the production factors and instructions through the program interface to avoid human error and maximize the production efficiency.

  • ② Centralized Data Management

    All production data are collected into BATMES system in real time, as well as statistical analysis and generate report forms automatically.

It can access different equipment from different manufacturers conveniently, which only takes less than half a day to access BATMES

2. Main Functions

  • ① Production Technology and Process Management

    In flexible production design concept, using the same equipment complete defined combination of different production processess, so that we can maximize equipment utilization and production efficiency.

  • ② Equipment Management

    Equipment basic information and status management/ maintenance, which support the linkage of equipment information and real-time production as well as the display effect of equipment customized on platform. At present, the types of equipment supported by BATMES include: stacker (RGV), in tray (Group tray) machine, out tray (dismantle tray) machine, OCV (resistance voltage measurement) equipment, formation and grading (charge and discharge) equipment, DCIR, standing (shelving) rack, fire tank and tray.

  • ③ Data and Equipment Access

    BATMES provides the corresponding SDK for each development language platform, and provides the fastest access for different devices from different manufacturers. The access time of any type of device to BATMES is no more than half a day.

  • ④ Data Management and Analysis

    BATMES collects all production process and result data in real time so that it can provide real-time query in multiple dimensions. It also analyzes and processes the data according to the data model provided by users, so that it can present the data visually in the chart.

  • ⑤ Quality Assurance

    All equipments can interact with BATMES in real-time, we can judge whether the production quality of the current process meets the standard. BATMES decides the subsequent processing logic according to the quality compliance. BATMES records the whole process completely.

  • ⑥ Staff Efficiency Management

    Each employee can be configured with independent account permissions. In the production process, real-time record of employees and production data, as well as automatically generate statistical reports, which can reflect the work efficiency of each employee, and automatically complete the performance appraisal.

  • ⑦ Real Time Monitoring and Data Platform

    Monitor the real-time change of all equipment warehouse status in the process section. The size, coordinate position and display effect of the equipment location can be customized according to the display requirements.

  • ⑧ Automatic Logistics Control

    RGV intelligent scheduling module supports user-defined scheduling task priority, optimal path location algorithm, fire alarm and treatment, real time monitoring platform, access security, etc.

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