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Sales Manager - 姚益涵
Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
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LIMS Intelligence Lab Management System
LIMS Realizes Lean Laboratory Management
Completely New Ways to Interact
NEWARE laboratory information management system provides a comprehensive perspective for the management of test equipment, samples, personnel, test methods and other resources, as well as the intricate association, test process and report, so as to help the laboratory run in line with CNAS specifications.
NEWARE laboratory information management system provides management and tracking of equipment, samples, personnel and other laboratory data, which also provides key process management from sample receiving to test data association.
Clear and Intuitive
NEWARE LIMS provides detailed management for various of laboratory resources, processes, tests and reports, so that you can easily deal with information.
Three Deployment Modes
  • NEWARE Cloud SaaS
    Deploy edge computing, please select NEWARE SaaS. After regist an account, NEWARE will provide end-to-end services. You can complete deployment, installation and configuration on one click.
    Support: small and medium laboratories.
  • Private Cloud
    Customers can operate the installation, deployment and configuration of all infrastructure and software products in the private cloud.
    Support: Large Scale Laboratory | Multi Laboratory Collaboration
  • Intranet Deployment
    Customers can operate the installation, deployment and configuration of all infrastructure and software products located in the intranet.
    Support: Large Scale Laboratory
Function List
  • The laboratory equipment is directly connected to the network to realize the intelligent perception, identification, control and management of the equipment, as well as the automatic collection, recording and storage of laboratory data.
  • During the experiment, all kinds of data are unified in the data query center.
  • During the laboratory verification management, you can customize all kinds of inspection/ maintenance/ calibration management processes and forms.
  • System account management.
  • It not only provide an intuitive real-time data platform for the laboratory,but also provide complete real-time monitoring and early warning for the laboratory environment, test process and the overall task of the laboratory, in order to assist the overall management of the laboratory.
  • Task, personnel, equipment plan allocation, result input, experiment result analysis, automatic report generation.
  • The management of laboratory test process includes the management of commission, sample, test, document report, test data and process.
  • Provide basic financial management tools for all kinds of laboratories based on equipment/ Consumables/ personnel.
  • Users can customize the workflow of the system according to their own situation via process management tool.
  • Users can customize all kinds of reports through quick report tool.
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NEWARE LIMS is committed to providing efficient laboratory information management platform for all kinds of battery testing laboratories to achieve better laboratory management. We will quickly organize your needs and quickly launch a system that meets your requirements.

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