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Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
Sales Manager - 姚益涵
Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
Sales Manager - 姚益涵
Sales Manager - 姚益涵
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Small and Exquisite
Neware Desktop Mini Desktop Temperate Chamber is born.
Less than 0.2 ㎡ of floor space to satisfy your laboratory battery testing needs.
Even more great stuff.
  • Temperature Deviation
    (No load and stable temperature)
  • Temperature Fluctuation
    (No load and stable temperature)
  • Testing Environment Temperature
  • Temperature Range
  • Cooling Time
  • Heating up Time
Small size, big appetite
In order to maximize the space utilization, it is designed to place 32 button batteries (battery I ≤ 100mA), which is placed 2 channels per layer and 4 layers per 25L .
Working quietly with constant chip.
Although it is in small size, it can test not only coin batteries but also pouch batteries. What's more, integrated operation and collaborative working via BTS upper computer control system can maximize take advantage of the battery function and characteristics.
More sophisticated design such as concise style and multi-function system.
the Mode of Networking
Size and weight
Nominal Internal Volume: 25L
Inside Dimensions: W280 mm×D250 mm×H360 mm
Overall Dimension: W360 mm×D450 mm×H470 mm
Net Weight: About 40kg
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