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Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
Sales Manager - 姚益涵
Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
Sales Manager - 姚益涵
Sales Manager - 姚益涵
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MGDW Series
High and Low Temperature Test Chamber
Creative Industrial Appearance, Cost Effective, Extensive Applications
Neware high and low temperature test chamber is a special equipment for battery test in new energy industry, which has independent property rights. It can provide high and low temperature simulated climate environment for battery charging and discharging test. At the same time, it is also the reliability test equipment for all kinds of electronic, electrical, plastic and other raw materials and equipments for cold resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance, dry resistance test.
More Wonderful Things.
  • Temperature Deviation
    (No load and stable temperature)
  • Testing Environment Temperature
  • Humidity Range
  • Humidity Deviation
  • Relative Humidity of Test Environment
  • Temperature Fluctuation
    (No Load and Stable Temperature)
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