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Sales Manager - 吳燕紅
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Sales Manager - 姚益涵
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Battery Data Science in the Future
You may be surrounded by massive test data, but you don't conduct deep mining and analysis. They may also be tired of data cleaning, data connection, scientific computing and data visualization, so that they have to switch professional tools back and forth. They may also want to perspective the deep information contained in the data through deep learning, establish AI model, and make rapid response to the future. In NEWARE data analysis, we will provide you all and release the potential of data.
Data Oriented, Data Science
NEWARE integrates its own advantages in measurement, calibration and metrology, combines the scientific data methods in the era of artificial intelligence and the field advantages of excellent scientists and experts in the product consulting group, so as to provide users with comprehensive data science.
It's not only a tool, but also a way of the future.
NEWARE data analysis will provide a series of tools for data processing, model building and visualization. It will organically combine the past data island and information processing island with advanced analysis methods in the fields of mathematics, battery and computer, so as to provide users with the most valuable information platform.
Super Calculation Power
NEWARE Cloud SaaS adopts NVIDIA ® V100 tensor core that is the first GPU in the world to break through the 100 trillion times (tflops) deep learning performance. The high efficient training and the substantial improvement of reasoning throughput will make the deep analysis of battery data come true.
*:Xeon gold 6240 is a 64 bit, 18 core, x86 high performance server CPU launched by Intel, with a domestic price of about 14000.
Function List
  • Label and classify data to distinguish data.
  • Define curve drawing, support curve comparison, battery consistency evaluation and analysis.
  • Support box plot, normal distribution and analysis of variance.
  • GITT is used to diffusion coefficient calculating, rate studying, HPPC pulse and dQdV curve analyzing.
  • To estimate and diagnose lithium battery life and fault based on ector machine, neural network, naive Bayes and so on.
is highly
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NEWARE LIMS is committed to providing efficient laboratory information management platform for all kinds of battery testing laboratories to achieve better laboratory management. We will quickly organize your needs and quickly launch a system that meets your requirements.

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