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Damon Yao
Sales Manager - Damon Yao
Damon Yao
Sales Manager - Damon Yao
Damon Yao
Sales Manager - Damon Yao
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Solution For Automatic Production Line For Pouch And Prismatic Cell

Neware has been committed to providing solutions for professional automatic production for power batteries for over 6 years. The innovation of new technology, the demand of perfect quality and the harmony of human beings with environment enable Neware to gain customers’ trust, and successfully provide full automatic production lines to them. Up to now, Neware has provided 1.5 millions testing channels for the clients from across the world; moreover, as a supplier to the solutions for prismatic cell and pouch cell, Neware has completed more than 60 automatic production lines.

Features of Neware automatic production line system:

· Formation and grading area is fully auto-controlled by scheduling system.· Compatible with multiple cells.·  Adopting DCAC regenerative power supply.· Independent air duct, effectively controlling temperature rising, exhausting smoke rapidly.

· Data real-time backup.

· Charge-discharge system auto calibrating.

· Stable and reliable supply chain.

· Independently controlling reliable vacuum system.

· During the operation, monitoring the components in the real-time to ensure the security.

· Each position for formation & grading is isolated from each other.· Cell over-temperature alarm is designed for formation machine and grading machine.




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